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Verbal - Voice Internet

My first proper project as Director of Innovation at Flock:

The Kickstarter campaign site, as well as the following articles, explain the details of the project: Fast CompanyPSFKHuffington Post.

Here is a letter I wrote as a conclusion to the Kickstarter campaign:

Dear backers,

As you have probably already noticed, our Kickstarter campaign fell quite short of our goal. It's impossible not to feel disappointed despite the fact that we could foresee this outcome already halfway through the campaign.

Our most general conclusion is that there was a mismatch between our project and the platform -- or crowdfunding in general -- at least in the current state of development of our project. 

Nonetheless, our campaign has been very successful in achieving the goals that, from the beginning, we set ourselves beyond the strict financial objectives. Particularly, it was very successful in terms of spurring the debate around the issue of the digital divide and building a community -- all of you! -- around our idea.

The most valuable outcome, for us, is the huge set of learnings that we take on as we move forward in the development of Verbal. To put it bluntly, our Kickstarter campaign was at least a massive, if somewhat indirect, exercise in the validation of our idea, in which we've been able to both confirm and refute many of our original beliefs.

Equally important is the fact that, thanks to the media attention and countless mentions in social networks that our project received, we've already been able to start forging strategic relations that will allow us to continue the development of Verbal and the construction of an ecosystem around it. 

Please, be sure that we remain convinced about the huge potential of our idea and haven't stopped working on it. We would like to keep you posted on the development of Verbal, so please follow us on Twitter: @helloverbal.

Many thanks!