words and stuff made by Jorge Camacho.

Fabric Mirror (Prototype).

The project, developed at JWT Mexico around February-March 2013, consists of a physical display composed of 1008 servomotors that move the same number of "points" using a rack and pinion system. At the front, each of the points is attached to a fabric that reproduces the volume of a person using 3D data gathered from a Kinect sensor.

The servos are controlled using 42 Pololu Mini Maestro 24-Channel USB Servo Controllers, thereby making a 24x42 matrix. The system runs on 5 PCs. One is gathering data from the Kinect sensor and producing a visual projection (not shown) for the mirror using Cinder. The remaining 4 are connected to the first one via Ethernet, each controlling two sets of 5-7 daisy-chained Mini Maestro controllers using OpenFrameworks.

The prototype still needed major work, particularly on achieving better frame rates, and on a visual projection that would enhance the perception of volume and overall experience. Unfortunately, due to major project management issues, the project was left unfinished.

Jorge Camacho - Director of Creative Technology
Alfonso Guerrero - Director of Production
Noriko Harada - Producer
Javier Enríquez - Creative Technologist
Lizz Dot - Design & Fabrication
Fernando Aguilar - Creative Technologist
Diego Liedo - Creative Technologist
Tanyha - Design & Fabrication
LAAD - Consulting & Software Development

And a bunch of great people over at JWT Mexico that at some point or another drop by to help.