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Comparte lo Más Valioso Que Tienes - Cruz Roja

To support the 2012 National Blood Donation campaign of the Mexican Red Cross, at JWT Mexico we developed a fully integrated campaign entitled: "Comparte Lo Más Valioso Que Tienes" ("Share the Most Valuable Thing You Have").

It's a good example of an integrated campaign that is completely built around social networks -- Facebook, in this case. The typical red drop that Facebook uses to notify their users about something was used as the main visual metaphor to relate social sharing and blood donation.

The rationale behind the campaign is that Mexicans are an extremely active population in comparison to other countries with regards to sharing their lives in social networks. On the other hand, and also in comparison to other countries, Mexico is still very inactive in terms of voluntary blood donation. So, the idea was simply to try to use social sharing as a vehicle to raise consciousness around voluntary blood donation and also to use Facebook as a platform to help people organize their donations.

A group of celebrities kicked-off the campaign by changing their cover image and posting the TVC video to their millions of followers. To simplify this task for their administrators, I developed a simple app for Facebook pages that allowed them to achieve this with a single click.


Via such celebrities' posts, regular users could access the main app, which invited them to set up a date to donate blood at one of the locations that a special Red Cross truck visited around Mexico City (particularly universities). The app would then create a Facebook event for them and post in their walls.


At the Red Cross donation truck, we offered donors an iPad with a simple web-app where they could close the cycle by informing their friends of their donation and inviting them once to join the campaign.


Executive Creative Director: Daniel Granatta
Executive Creative Director: Enrique Codesido
Creative Director: Nicko Nogués
Creative Director: Eduardo Salles
Technology Director: Jorge Camacho
Design: Lizeth Rodríguez
Developers: Ricardo García Rodríguez, Jorge Zozaya